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Jeff Koons: what art is to begin with
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Paintings “Female Imagery” in Art by Hannah Wilke and Louise Fishman, 1970-1973
“Who has the guts to deal with cunts?” asked sculptor Hannah Wilke in 1973 (Schwartz). Louise Fishman, a painter, told critic Sarah Whitworth that her thoughts immediately turned to women’s genitals when she decided to examine consciously what part being a woman played in her work. Both saw their art as participating in social and political discourses of  the day.

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Robert Smithson Art Review by Donald Goddard

The Body In Winter

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Tacita Deanby Donald Goddard

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Hannah Wilke, 52, Artist, Dies; Used Female Body as Her Subject

Sound art

Sound Art, artists and art (technique, 1960’s)
Sound art often engages with the subjects of acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, noise music, audio media and technology, found or environmental sound, explorations of the human body, sculpture, film or video and an ever-expanding set of subjects that are part of the current discourse of contemporary art.
Art historian Don Goddard: “Hearing is another form of seeing,’ that sound has meaning only when its connection with an image is understood… The conjunction of sound and
image insists on the engagement of the viewer, forcing participation in real space and concrete, responsive thought rather than illusionary space and thought.”
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