One of the best things about having your own gallery is knowing that you are bringing something new to your community, sharing something that moves you, with your friends and neighbors.

And, of course, there’s knowing that you’re providing an opportunity for artists to bring their work to the forefront, to find the audience they have been working so hard for, the audience they deserve.

One in a while we indulge ourselves and host a show with the art we love to surround ourselves with. We love Paul Jervis work. And even though we had a show of his work only last year, well, the fact is, we missed seeing his paintings. Call it an encore, if you will. We just had to bring Paul back on stage.

Plus last year’s exhibition of Paul’s work was so well received we expect you’ll be glad to see what he’s up to.

Paul combines traditional skills with a distinctly modern sense of irony, it invites you to see familiar objects with an entirely new vision.

Some examples: bar glasses become important objects objects. Flowers atop photographs and envelopes develop a surreal, Magritte-like counterpoint. A No Parking sign appears like a gem in the dusky landscape.

No Parking, 11″ x 14″ – oil on canvas

One reviewer of last year’s show put it this way, the effect of combining formal beauty with informal subjects can be delightful, and even a bit surreal, implying that there is more going on than meets the eye.

What we love is how the everyday becomes imbued with greater significance. Paul has a way of taking a table, a dinner dish and a cup of coffee, and suggesting a story we all understand. And somehow it is important to us without […]